Golf is such a fun sport that can be enjoyed by everyone. And by everyone, I really mean people of all ages – even senior citizens.With the right golf equipment, you can easily improve the way you play your game.

 A rangefinder will basically tell you the distance to an object you want to know. If you are measuring the distance to a tree or golf pin then you just point it towards the object and check the distance. After that, you proceed with the rest of the steps in accordance with the information you just got.

Golf Lessons

When you look inside the sports world you will find that as people age, they give their favorite sports up. However, there is one sport that people do not give up even when they age. Well, this is the sport that people actually pick up when they age. It’s golf.

Golf Tips

Now, you may have practiced and practiced but could not quite get what you are doing so wrong that you are not getting the game right. Normally what happens in these cases is you learn to speculate your moves throughout the whole swing and then you realize that one thing you were doing wrong.

Best Golf Players in the World

        Jon Rahm

     Collin Morikawa

      Patrick Cantlay

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