Best Eight Golf Tips

Golf Tips

You may be playing and practicing golf for a while. Best Eight Golf Tips about golf is that you have to be aware and you have to keep that awareness when you take a swing. And, combining both your mind and body to send the ball where you want to send it is quite a hard job.Now, you may have practiced but could not quite get what you are doing so wrong that you are not getting the game right. Normally what happens in these cases is you learn to speculate your moves throughout the whole swing and then you realize that one thing you were doing wrong.

Best Eight Golf Tips

And, the game totally changes for you. Best Eight Golf Tipsis made of such granules of sensitive moves and tactics that help you change the way you play and score. So, these golf tips are going to help you play better.

Golf Tips: The ones that will change the game

  1. Use the correct stance.

The very first thing that any coach will teach you is the correct way to stand when you are about to take a swing. Make sure the gap between your two legs is not too big nor too small. You have to feel comfortable the way you stand.

Furthermore, keep the right distance between you and the ball. Apparently, this distance will vary based on the club you are using. What you have to make sure is that you are comfortable in taking a swing the way you are standing and at the distance, you are from the ball.

  1. Aim well.

One of the most important things in golf is to aim well. Because let’s face it, taking the swing the right way is hard enough and if we do not aim well? The game is lost along with the ball.

Therefore, when you are aiming, make sure you are standing the right way and the clubface is facing where you are aiming.

  1. Use your hip.

When you first take the backswing, make sure you use your hip to give it the power and direction it needs. Golf is about using every part of your body the right way and coordinating the movements. Therefore, take the swing using your hip while also shifting the weight correcting between your two legs.

  1. Do not twist your wrist.

It is very easy to twist your wrist when you take the backswing. But, the correct way to take the swing is slightly turning your hand instead of twisting it. The twist will not only reduce the speed and power of the swing but it will also increase the chances of injuries.

  1. Hold the club right.

You will never be able to get the game right unless you know how to grip a golf club. This is one of the first things your coach will teach you and honestly, it is hard to get used to. It is not as natural as other Badminton or Tennis kind of sports.

Therefore, it is best if you practice and get used to the grip- so much that the grip comes naturally to you whenever you hold the golf club.

  1. Relax and do not Force it.

One common mistake golfers make is that they get too stiff and use too much strength. Apparently, is you hit the ball at the right place with the right speed, it will go where you wanted it to go anyway. Therefore, do not try to use too much pressure and get too stiff.

The extra unwanted strength will only make you lose your balance. In golf, it is actually the accuracy that matters.

  1. Practice before the game.

Practice not only makes your game better but systematic practice will increase your confidence too. Always start from the short games and use the high-flying irons at first. The high-flying ball will actually improve your faith in yourself.

Also, always use the marked distances in the driving range to improve your accuracy.

  1. Always Follow through with your eyes on the ball.

Another huge mistake golfers make is that they take their eyes off the ball right when they hit it to see where it’s going. And, that move just makes it go wrong. Keep your head where it was and complete the swing.

The ball will go just the way your swing went.

In conclusion

There is a very general way to play golf and there are many common mistakes everyone makes. It is easy to give tips and address these mistakes. But it is not as easy to fix all of them. Especially if you make a number of these mistakes. So, work on them one after the other and your game will surely improve.

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