Golf Destinations

Golfers all around the world know the thrill of trying out a new golf course. Why do golfers play golf? Not only to enjoy the game, the difficulties and the delight of doing good but also to enjoy some peace.

Golf Destinations

What another way to achieve all that than to visit the best golf destinations in the world? Nature and a planned course together will take you on a golf trip that you will remember for the rest of your lives. In fact, you may just make them part of your bucket list as an avid golfer.

Let us check out the best golf destinations that give you both the thrill and peace of playing golf.

  1. Puerto Rico.

There are not as many golf courses in Puerto Rico as other destinations. However, what makes it so amazing is the climate there, with the views of the ocean paired with the beautifully designed golf course.

You can breathe in the salty air while focusing fully on your game. Yes, it is going to be difficult with so many bunkers and an ocean by the side. However, when you get it right, the delight is going to be overwhelming as well.

The top destinations in Puerto Rico are TPC Dorado Beach and Royal Isabela.

2.Atlantic City

Unless you are an avid golfer, you will not go to a whole new place just to play golf. How about a place that does not only offer you great golf courses but also other fun places to visit? Atlantic city is one such destination that allows you to explore various kinds of activities.

You can visit the casinos and gamble as well if you want to (But, do so carefully). Now, as for the golf course- you get a lot of options. You can opt for short to long drives to make the sport feel more special.

The golf courses are located close to each other and the most famous one is the Atlantic city Country Club golf course. Apparently, with the Atlantic Ocean around, golfers enjoy a majestic view and also great winds when they are out to win a game or two.


If you want a golf destination where you can play peacefully in winter then Orlando just might be the one. In case you are taking your kids and family with you and feel a bit stuck, you can always escape a bit to play a round of golf in one of the many golf courses available here.

It will not amaze you with extraordinary views but it sure will make you feel better if you do not like the Walt Disney figures much. Apart from that, this place offers you a lot of other options to have fun with.

Also, the weather here is quite fun to deal with. The morning can be quite cold while you get to experience warmer temperatures throughout the day. You can try playing at different hours each day at different courses. Grande Lakes, Waldorf Astoria are notable places to try out.

4. The Texas Golf Courses.

Enough golf courses with oceans and other water bodies all around, how about some hilly golf courses that will increase the challenges? Apparently, there are many golf courses in Texas, ones in the amid the city as well and others in hilly regions too.

If you want to be around green rather than blue then the Texa golf courses can do good to your soul. You can plan a day trip to one of the hilly golf resorts. Among the famous ones, you get Forest Creek Golf Club. Furthermore, they use great quality grass to build the course. You will really be in for a good walk!

5.The Cyprus Golf Clubs

If you want to have access to a number of gold courses even on a very short trip, then Cyprus is where you should go. Apparently, there is this golf resort in Cyprus- The Olympic Lagoon Resort. You will be amid the blue again and escape to the green courses of Cyprus anytime.

In fact, you can simply drive to golf courses around this place like the Secret Valley, Minthis Hills, Aphrodite Hills, Elea Golf club. You can choose whether you want hilly or ocean each day.

6.Northern Ireland

If castles and ancient architecture are your things then you can check out Northern Ireland golf clubs. Not only will the architecture amaze you but the golf courses with all their greens will take you back in time.

In conclusion

These were few of the best golf destinations that combine nature, human expertise and the best quality grasses with great course design. Furthermore, these are the places you can enjoy golf most when you are traveling. You can consider yourself lucky if you have to go on a business trip to any of these places. Because it sure will not feel like one.

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