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Senior Golf Lessons: How to Teach Golf to Seniors

Golf Lessons
Golf Lessons

While the slow-moving game may make it obvious to you why it is great for seniors- it is not as easy as you think. You know how far the golf ball travels and that distance and direction are not easy to achieve. Just play a round of golf and your tired body will tell you itself what a strain it puts on the body.

Thus, it is not very easy for seniors either. However, it sure is possible and fun for them as long as they are playing it the right way. Now, the swing can vary based on your body. So, let us check out the senior golf lessons so that seniors do not injure but enjoy themselves when they play golf.

Senior Golf Lessons: Some Tips

  1. Get the right club.

With time you will realize that the irons and woods you have always played with are not at all improving your game. In fact, they seem harder to control and tire you out more. This is because the weight and design of the club are no longer right for you.

So, you have to get a club that has the right weight and height for you. And, is also, a great sweet spot. Normally, the best choice of clubs for seniors is hybrids. Apparently, they are somewhere between the woods and irons and easier to handle. So, change your club and get one that is easy for you to handle.

  1. Swing easy.

One common mistake that not only seniors but golfers in general make is swinging too hard and using too much power. As long as you are taking the proper swing, and maintaining the arc, the ball will go quite a distance and straight.

And, the too forceful swings will harm not only a senior’s body but a young golfer’s body as well. Thus, do not use too much power when hitting the ball. Relax your body and focus on the movements you make, focus on coordinating the moves.

The ball will go exactly where you want it to go. Or else, it will just have the opposite effect and ruin your game.

  1. Shift the Weight.

You do not have a lot of strength anymore, do you? But, you actually still have strength. The only way you can use it in golf is by managing it well.

Luckily, you do not have to swing too fast and with the power to do this. All you have to do is shift your weight the right way. When you are taking the backswing, keep all your body weight on your right foot (if you are right-handed). Then, as you move the swing forward, shift your weight towards the left.

The shift of the weight will also shift the power and speed of the swing maximizing the impact. Through it all, it’s mostly your mind involved with no pressure on your body.

  1. Follow the Swing through.

People do not often get the importance of follow-through in golf. In fact, it is important in about any sport, even football just with your legs. You have to make sure that you finish the swing.

If you stop right after hitting the ball, the direction of the ball will not be perfect, and neither will the speed at which it goes. Therefore, make sure you complete the full arc.

  1. Keep your eyes on the tee.

One common tendency that all the golfers have is that they move their heads to see where the ball is going right after hitting it. This actually ruins the follow-through to some extent. So, keep your eyes, head, and shoulder right where it was from the very beginning.

Look the ball’s way only when you have completed the full swing. Patience and attention are the key points here. You will get your desired result but do not be too eager to see the result.

  1. Keep your left arm straight.

Throughout the swing, you have to keep the left arm straight as part of a proper swing. Furthermore, you have to resist twisting your wrist too. All you can do is turn your wrist when taking the swing.

  1. Work on the arc.

The arc is the path you take the swing through. Apparently, it is very much like a half-circle and it is actually the curve the ball will follow. One of the main things you have to do to improve your game is to improve this arc.

It is not always possible to maintain the same arc the perfect way. Sometimes we do bring our wing in too early and sometimes we just start wrong. Therefore, try to improve this arc every day to be more consistent.

  1. Chip better.

What you need when chipping is control. You will gain more control if you hold the club a bit lo9wer and use the high loft clubs. Furthermore, keep the weight more towards your right foot to get better chipping results. It will really not require much strength.

  1. Putt with accuracy.

The key here is to get a putter that is perfect for your height. It may be hard for you to bend if you have any kind of physical trouble. After that, all you have to do is aim better and also maintain a good swing. You have to maintain the line on this.

In conclusion

As you can see there is not much to do with strength when you are playing golf. It is mostly about taking the correct swing, shifting weight, being focused, and coordinating it all. This is why golf is an excellent choice for seniors. As long as you are not overdoing or underdoing things- you will achieve great results.

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